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Army Disaster Personnel Accountability
and Assessment System (ADPAAS)

After an emergency, all Army-affiliated personnel (Soldiers, Family members and Civilian employees) are to report their status to their command at the first available opportunity.
In some cases, the Secretary of Defense will direct all DOD-affiliated personnel in the affected area to report their accountability status as soon as possible. When this happens, if you have access to the Internet you are to report your status online through the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS). ADPAAS provides a way for Army personnel and their Families in the disaster-affected area to report their status and how they were affected by the event. It also provides commanders a means to assess the impact of the disaster on Soldiers and their Families to provide assistance where needed. You may also report your situation through your chain of command or by using one of the established call centers or hotlines listed below.

Web address: https://adpaas.army.mil

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who developed the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability
and Assessment System?

A: ADPAAS is a program developed by G-1 of the Headquarters Department of the Army.

Q: What are the URLs for ADPAAS for Family Members
and Support Personnel?

A: URL: https://adpaas.army.mil

Q: Do you have to install software to use ADPAAS?

A:No. ADPAAS is a web-based system and does not require any software installation. Family members, Soldiers and DoD civilians can use the secure website to update and view personal records. It can be accessed from work or home from any internet browser without a CAC-reader. You can also gain access through our ADPAAS mobile site by using your smart phone by simply going to https://adpaas.army.mil. Admin POC/ CORs can access from home as long as they have a CAC-reader.

Q: Can anyone access ADPAAS?

A:Soldiers, Family Members, DoD civilians, and contractors can access ADPAAS to view their information or self-account. COR (Command Representatives) can access ADPAAS as an administrator, to update, manage and view personnel records. COR access is granted only by the ADPAAS Team or by a Primary COR representative for your organization.

Q: How do I get a username and password for ADPAAS?

A: Login in on the Army Family Member site with your (Sponsor's) SSN and DOB. If you are already established as an ADPAAS COR, access is granted to the COR site using your CAC-card.

Q: What level of security clearance will individuals be required
to have in order to access the ADPAAS Support server?

A: This is an unclassified application, but you have to be entered on ADPAAS as a COR and have CAC-reader on your computer.

Q: If communications or power are down, how do I use ADPAAS?

A: At the earliest available opportunity, call your unit or organization to account for yourself and your family.  You may also call the Army Info Line or use ADPAAS once internet access becomes available.

Q: What is an Army FAMILY MEMBER?

A: "Army Family Member" includes Active Duty, all Reservists, National Guard, DoD Civilian Employees and their dependents. Some Contractors (e.g., OCONUS) are also considered part of the Army Family.  All Army sponsors and Family members should be listed in DEERS.

Q: What does GAOC stand for?

A: Geographical Area of Coverage. This is the affected area designated by Department of Defense (DoD).

Q: What type and when is training available for Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS)?

A:Training can be coordinated with the Army Family Member's unit. The ADPAAS website has many resources available on the Help page that can be both useful and educational, (i.e., videos, users manuals and power point presentations). There is also an Army and Family Member Computer Based Training available on the ADPAAS website for all DA employees and Families to use.

Q: Who funds training? Should there be a concern regarding
funding ADPAAS activities?

A: ADPAAS is a free secured web-based system, available for the Army Family. ADPAAS is an HQDA funded tool that requires no funding by Army Commands. Training is the responsibility of all Army units, commands, and organizations by appointed CORs using a train-the-trainer concept.

Q: What are the key steps in successfully implementing ADPAAS?

1. Develop/Update a reporting hierarchy by UIC.
2. Assign CORs access to each subordinate UIC.
3. Validate your UIC hierarchy and personnel information.
4. Train personnel to use ADPAAS.
5. Account for affected and monitor daily.

Additional call centers and hotlines
Army Info Hotline
Army One Source
Image-spacerWithin CONUS
Image-spacerOutside CONUS
Image-spacerToll Free
Military OneSource
Image-spacerWithin CONUS (24/7)
Image-spacerWebsite address
Spanish speaking callers
Hearing impaired callers
Image-spacer& TTY/TTD



(484) 530-5980
(800) 3429-6477


For further information on ADPAAS, you may email questions to adpaas@spawar.navy.mil.

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