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Special Needs

Every Family is unique and our life circumstances can change. Be sure to update your emergency plans and kits to reflect your current needs, even if the change is temporary.

Remember that people with long-term or temporary disabilities must take a proactive approach to ensure that their safety needs are included in all emergency planning. Those with physical disabilities can have complications during emergency evacuations. Those with visual, hearing or mental disabilities may have difficulty leaving familiar surroundings. Others with medical conditions may be dependent on devices or medications that need to travel with them.

To adequately prepare for possible emergencies, consider making the following arrangements:

Be Informed

In the case of an emergency, the specific needs of persons with disabilities are often varied and wide-ranging. Being aware of the emergency preparedness resources that are available to those with Special Needs can help you to better Build a Kit and Make a Plan that is customized to meet the needs of your Family.

Make A Plan

Establish a personal support network where you regularly spend time. Have at least three people at each location that can give assistance. Teach them how to operate any necessary equipment and where it is stored. Label equipment and attach instructions as a backup.
If you use electrical equipment, plan how you will deal with a power outage, for instance, keeping a manual wheelchair for use if your electrical wheelchair becomes inoperable. Consider having backup equipment stored at your evacuation location.

Get Involved
For further information on Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities, visit The National Organization on Disability.

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